Welcome to this website. It was created to give broader access to several aspects of my professional life. It includes information about the activities of the Asbury University Honors Program (including interviews with invited colloquium speakers), travelogues of the annual holocaust-studies trips I lead to central Europe each spring, blogged reflections on aspects of those trips as well as other topics, book reviews, and some selected excerpts from a textbook I recently published.

— Paul Nesselroade


Each spring, I lead a study-abroad experience to central Europe. Students spend about 10 days exploring the events of the holocaust on location for academic credit. The trip itinerary varies somewhat from year-to-year, but always features various sites in and around Berlin, Germany and Krakow, Poland. The student experience from each of the previous study abroad tours is chronicled in these travelogue pages.

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Asbury University is a themed enrichment program, “Studies in Virtue and Human Value.” The program involves, among other things, specially designed foundations courses, upgraded courses for selected topics within one’s major, and a service component. The program is supported by scholarships as well as a travel stipend to help offset the costs of a study-abroad experience.

Academic Writings

This segment of the website contains selected writings covering assorted topics. Most notably, there are a growing set of blog entries, many of which revolve around the study-abroad experiences with students. Additionally, there are a set of short, general-interest sidebar essays extracted from a textbook I recently co-authored as well as a partial listing of other published manuscripts.

Recent Blog Articles