Several of these blog entries are reflections of various aspects of the holocaust-studies tour. These essays are designed to provide the reader with specific information about various memorials and locations as well as a personal reflection of meaning associated with a location or feature of a memorial. Some blog entries will not be animated by the holocaust-studies tour.

Additionally, I recently completed a writing project overhauling a behavior and social sciences statistics textbook. Some selected sidebar essays that may be of interest to a more general audience have been extracted and placed in this section of the website.

Misleading Intuitions

A reflection on 25 days with students in Germany and Poland One of the strongest intuitions of thought uncovered by psychological researchers has to do with the pairing of goodness and beauty. It is most readily detected when we encounter beautiful faces or scenery with the result being that we naturally feel that goodness must be there as well. The effect is so reliable that it has its own name, the “physical-attractiveness stereotype,” or more generally (albeit more awkwardly), the “what-is-beautiful-is-good” effect. And the flip side is also true. That is, when we find something to be good, our judgments

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Treblinka and Warsaw

Ghost Tracks, Stones of Remembrance, and a Reborn City Looking Westward The second and last day of this trip extension saw Paul and Mary Blair join me for a tour of Treblinka, the death camp about 2 hours outside of Warsaw – where more than 800,000 people (mostly Jews) were exterminated by the Nazi Operation Reinhardt. I shall say no more. Here are some pictures: Then, we made our way to Warsaw and enjoyed a little taste of what this rebuilt city has to offer – a brief glance left me with the firm impression that it (and Poland), though

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Lublin and Majdanek

A couple extra days of exploring in Poland I am able to spend a couple extra days in Poland with good friends Paul and Mary Blair. The first day was spent in Lublin, touring Majdanek, one of the death camps in Poland, and then exploring Lublin’s downtown. Here are some pics: Tomorrow we will make our way up to Warsaw. Treblinka will be toured.

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 10 (Group 2)

Free Kraków Group 2’s last full day in Europe was a free day in Kraków. Here are some pics: Paul and Mary Blair and I will be spending two extra days to go to Lublin and see Majdanek and then Warsaw to visit Treblinka.

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 9 (Group 2)

A Church, a Museum, a Camp, and a Concert Our penultimate full day of the trip included a stop by Corpus Christi Basilica in Kazimierz (the old Jewish district), a tour of the museum located at Schindler’s factory, a walk out to the grounds of Płaszów – the concentration camp for the Kraków Jews (and depicted in the movie Schindler’s List), and a concert at St. Peter and St. Paul’s church in Old Town, Kraków. Here are some pics: (BTW, the concert was amazing! Incredible musicians playing Back, Vivaldi, Chopin, Mozart, etc.) Tomorrow is Free Kraków.

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