Several of these blog entries are reflections of various aspects of the holocaust-studies tour. These essays are designed to provide the reader with specific information about various memorials and locations as well as a personal reflection of meaning associated with a location or feature of a memorial. Some blog entries will not be animated by the holocaust-studies tour.

Additionally, I recently completed a writing project overhauling a behavior and social sciences statistics textbook. Some selected sidebar essays that may be of interest to a more general audience have been extracted and placed in this section of the website.

Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 7 (Group 1)

Travel Day On Wednesday, the team took an 8+ hour bus trip from Berlin to Krakow. It was uneventful, beautiful, restful…needed. We got to the hostel early enough to walk around Old Town Kraków and visit Wawel Castle. Here are a few pics: Thursday we will visit Auschwitz I and II…

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 6 (Group 1)

U.S. Embassy, Babelplatz, and the Olympic Stadium of Berlin Tuesday was our last full day in Berlin. We managed to cram in a visit to the U.S. Embassy where we had a very interesting and impressive meeting with and briefing by a spokesman for the ambassador and several of his deputies, a visit to the Rosenstraβe Protest memorial, Bebelplatz, and may other venues. One group I met up with went to the Olympia Stadion, location of the 1936 (Jesse Owens) Olympics and another went exploring through Hackescher Markt. On Wednesday, we travel to Krakow. Thursday will be our visit to

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 5 (Group 1)

Ravensbrück Concentration Camp On Monday, we journeyed by regional train one-hour north of Berlin to Furstenberg-an-der-Havel. Just on the other side of the beautiful Lake Schwedtsee sits the women’s camp of Ravensbrück. Here are a few pics from that site – as well as the rest of the day. The next day we will get a briefing at the U.S. Embassy and enjoy some “free Berlin” time.

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 4 (Group 1)

Sachsenhausen – one of the most important camps in the Nazi system On Sunday, we toured the Sachsenhausen labor camp in Oranienburg, just a few miles north of the German capital. This “city of oranges,” was renamed in the 16th century due to one of William of Orange’s granddaughter’s fascination with the town. However, in addition to this interesting history (complete with baroque-style castle, by the way), it also carries the burden of playing host to one of the most significant camps in the Nazi Lager Camp system, Sachsenhausen. This camp was designed to be the one on which other

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 3 (Group 1)

The Jewish Museum of Berlin Today was primarily taken up with a visit to the Jewish Museum of Berlin. In the installation, the visitor in confronted with a fantastic amount of factual information spread across three floors of displays, and it is all wrapped and presented within a structure bursting with symbolic meaning – from the interior design of the hallways and “voids,” to even the outside of the building, which looks scarred and torn. Here are some of the shots taken by those of us on the tour: The next day we will go to Sachsenhausen, one of the

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 2 (Group 1)

A trip to Brandenburg an der Havel The main event for today was a trip out the western side of Berlin on a Region 1 train to the historic town of Brandenburg. Before we left Berlin, we were met by Dr. Christian Marx and his colleague Dr. Petra Fuchs who chose to not only travel with us but to also give us a tour of this beautiful northeastern German city. Eventually, we made our way by foot to the Brandenburg Euthanasia Memorial, where Christian serves as the director of education. On the way, we saw building, churches, walls, and towers

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