Holocaust Studies Tour, 2024, Day 9

Alt Rehse and Free Berlin

For our last day in Berlin, we split up to follow different interests. About half of us went 2-hours north of Berlin by regional train to a small village called Alt Rehse. Here, the Nazis set up a training facility for medical doctors and midwives. It was a program for medical leadership – i.e., to groom and prepare the next generation of medical professionals to put into practice the racial-hygiene policies and eugenic principles that sat at the heart of the Nazi utopic vision. (This place was constructed to reflect the Nazis understanding of the ideal community – close to nature, informed by ideology, and with a focus on healthy living. It even had a sports park and viewing stands.) We were expertly guided around the site and instructed about what we were seeing by Dr. Daniel Rottke and Historian Fabian Schwanzar. They did so much to give us an excellent experience. Pictures are below.

The others went in various directions criss-crossing the city taking in various historical sites and locations like the palaces and parks of Potsdam, the Siegessäule (Victory Column) and the Regattatribüne Berlin-Grünau (site of the ’36 Olympics rowing event) – good find Hannah! Others went shopping and others still just explored the city. Pictures are below.

Tomorrow most of the day will be swallowed up with coach travel from Berlin to Kraków. If we get there early enough to do a little exploring, I’ll make a post. If not, the next post will come on Friday.