It’s on!
Hobbit Scene

Recently several of the AUHP students gathered at the Nesselroade home to reflect on the fall semester and decorate some Christmas cookies. After some discussion and debating of topics like whether Orc’s have personhood and what is the proper rescue order of different types of beings from a burning building, we started to decorate Christmas cookies…just for some relaxing fun. Well, that casual mindset did not last for long. Observations were made, opinions and evaluations were exchanged (some less than flattering), challenges issued, offenses taken, and within just a few moments a spirit of competitiveness had emerged. In no time, some non-participant judges were selected, 4 categories of assessment were created (design, color, complexity, precision), and an elevated sense of artistic purpose had emerged as everyone placed some finishing touches on their confectionery works-of-art. Among the entrants were Hobbit Scene, In Summer (a ‘Tribute to Frozen’), Patrick Star, and the rather dark I Attend My Own Funeral. Then, to minimize bias, the artisans were removed and sequestered in the living room and the judges were given plenty of time to analyze and deliberate.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. The judges, I must say, were none-too-generous with the entries, with most of the categories registering below the mid-point of the scale. However, this left plenty of space for the best-of-the-best to elbow each other into a clear pecking order at the top. The top three winners are shown below (from left to right). Congrats to Jerry, Willem, and Haven for each reaching the podium, and Jerry for summiting it!

I think an AUHP tradition might have been born last night. I guess only time will tell.