Several of these blog entries are reflections of various aspects of the holocaust-studies tour. These essays are designed to provide the reader with specific information about various memorials and locations as well as a personal reflection of meaning associated with a location or feature of a memorial. Some blog entries will not be animated by the holocaust-studies tour.

Additionally, I recently completed a writing project overhauling a behavior and social sciences statistics textbook. Some selected sidebar essays that may be of interest to a more general audience have been extracted and placed in this section of the website.

Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 5 (Group 2)

Ravensbrück The group spend several hours traveling north of Berlin by regional train to the idyllic German city of Fürstenberg-an-der-Havel. Sitting across a lake from this beautiful northern German city are the tortured grounds of Ravensbrück Concentration Camp – where we learned that the Holocaust is not merely a masculine phenomenon, it is a human one. Here are some pictures from the day: Here are some thoughts a put together related to this camp: Tomorrow is “free Berlin.” On Sunday we will make our way to Kraków.

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 4 (Group 2)

Sachsenhausen Short and sweet today – I am exhausted. Here are some pics from our visit to this very important camp sitting just 20 miles north of Berlin. Tomorrow we will take a regional train up to Furstenberg-an-der-Havel and visit Ravensbrück.

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 3 (Group 2)

U.S. Embassy, the Jewish Museum of Berlin, and time to explore Wednesday’s agenda had us visiting the U.S. Embassy (thanks to Dan Hutchens and his connections), an exploration of the Jewish Museum of Berlin, and then some free time to explore the city. Here are some pictures from the day (we are still waiting for the folks at the U.S. Embassy to send us some pics – we weren’t allowed to take any): On Thursday we will go out to Oranienburg, a community just to the north of Berlin – the location of one of the most significant concentration camps

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 2 (Group 2)

Brandenburg and East Side Gallery On Tuesday, the group was accompanied by Dr. Christian Marx out to Brandenburg-an-der-Havel, a beautiful historic city about 45 minutes by regional train to the east of Berlin. Here we explored the town and had an extensive presentation and educational experience at the memorial/museum situated on the grounds of the first euthanasia actions in Nazi Germany. Then, later in the evening, many of us made our way to the East Side Gallery and finally on to dinner in Alexanderplatz. A full and challenging day. Here are some pics: Tomorrow we will visit the U.S. Embassy

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 1 (Group 2)

Walking Tour of Downtown Berlin On Monday, fourteen AU students arrived in Berlin, jet-lagged, but with enough vigor to push through a walking tour of downtown Berlin. Below are some pics from the day: Tomorrow we get up early and train it to Brandenburg-an-der-Havel.

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Holocaust Studies Tour – Day 9/10 (Group 1)

Tour at Schindler Factory and Free Kraków The last two full days for Group 1 featured a guided tour through the museum that now sits at the Schindler Enamel Works Factory and then some much deserved free time exploring the beautiful Old Town of Kraków. Here are some pictures of Friday morning: Assorted pictures from the free day in Kraków. On Sunday morning, they depart for home and Ashley and I make our way back to Berlin to welcome Group 2 on Monday morning.

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